Cooking using sous vide in Singapore has several advantages. By cooking food at lower temperatures for extended, you can expect enhanced textures, flavors, and tenderness, not to mention a spread of other health and lifestyle benefits.

Why we need sous vide cooking?

  • Enhanced flavours
  • Healthier result
  • Better textures and tenderness
  • Never overcooked
  • Perfect each time
  • Organized room
  • Stress-free cooking
  • Bulk preparation
  • Money saver
  • Freeze for later
  1. Sous vide food is tastier

Sous vide chicken that has been pan cooked with vegetables and peppers and infinitely more appealing. As food is vacuum sealed in exceeding sous vide bag, it doesn’t dehydrate or lose its kind while cooking. The initial weight, flavor and natural color and aroma of the food are not lost. It additionally means you can use cheaper or forgotten cuts of meat to greater effect.

  1. Sous vide food is healthy

Due to the improved flavors of sous vide food, very little or no additional salt or fat is required throughout cooking. Plus, vacuum sealing food implies that vitamins and minerals are not lost throughout the cooking method unlike boiling or steaming.

  1. Restaurant quality food

Sous vide beef steak with chips and salad solely is sous vide food tastier. However, you will additionally experience the texture of food as it is meant to be eaten. Gone are the days of chewy chicken and soggy asparagus sous vide meat is tender and dampish, and vegetables retain their crunch and color.

  1. Consistently sensible results

With very precise temperature management, the same dish may be prepared time and time again achieving an equivalent result. The Clifton reception sous vide water bath is known for its unparalleled accuracy in temperature control.

  1. No more undercooked, chewy or burnt food

Poached egg on sous vide asparagus when pan frying food, you can find yourself with a bit of food wherever the skin is cooked, and therefore the inside remains raw. Cooking the food till it’s done on the inside means it may be overcooked, if not burnt, on the outside. With sous vide, this can be never a problem. Food can cook all the way through evenly at a low temperature and may be browned or cooked afterward. It’s just about impossible to cook food in a water bath.

  1. Organize your cooking time

Probably one of the simplest things about sous vide cooking is that it offers you a lot of control over your timings. Food may be ready and vacuum sealed up to a day in advance and left to cook slowly in the water oven. You will be able to come and serve up your meal whenever you’re prepared and you’ll be able to even sous vide your food overnight.

  1. Fast and easy meals

Sous vide bag with the chicken dish and sauce inside our sous vide water bath is simply as easy to use as any slow cookware. Once you have ready the food to be cooked (which can be as simple as vacuum packing a steak), it is as simple as putting the bag in the water tub at the proper temperature. Many meals can be prepared and cooked within thirty minutes.

  1. Cooking large quantities

Sous vide cooking also makes it simple to cook many individual parts for a large group, taking the strain out of dinner parties and family gatherings.

  1. Possible savings

Sous vide cookware may be a worthwhile investment for your kitchen. Sous-vide cooking will facilitate minimize food wastage by making ready individual portions, and the Clifton water bath uses less energy compared to gas or electrical ovens.

  1. Extended time period

cbd restaurants in Singapore, foods are deep-fried using the sous vide technique should be quickly cooled and frozen if needed, then thawed and warmed-over later.

Enjoy your weekend with Italian brunch

 A meal is eaten later within the day than breakfast and before lunch, and typically consisting of some foods that may usually be consumed at breakfast and some foods that may commonly be eaten at lunch. Italian brunch in Singapore can vary from ancient dishes to new takes on recent favourites. Many Italian dishes are very versatile and can merely be combined with breakfast mainstays to make new entries. Having easy, delicious Italian food for brunch is to boot good thanks for using fresh, seasonal ingredients.


A brunch may be plenty of fun as a result of you can do nearly something you want with the menu. You will serve all of your favourite breakfast and lunch dishes at the same time. It combines extraordinary savoury foods with sweets, light-weight fruit salads, and attractive brunch cocktails. Tuck into freshly ready salads, along with stations of delicious homemade Italian cuisine. Enjoy a delightful spread of antipasti such as beef Carpaccio, Parmesan cheese, and vine-ripened cherry tomatoes. A sustainable seafood counter options freshly shucked oysters with mignonette dressing, with cold cooked prawns, crabs and more.

Frequent dishes offered

Customise your favourite handmade pasta at live stations and savour our signature 48-hour dough pizzas and daily risotto specials served fresh to your tables, as our chef’s walk around the restaurant. The desserts are deliciously created bite-sized so you may enjoy the finale of your brunch. The choices are Italian standards: tiramisu, pannacotta, macaroons, seasonal fruits. Italians have welcomed the popular tradition of brunch with open arms. But here’s the thing, Italians also have an enduring history of the long lunch, Sunday Italian brunch Singapore to be precise, a cultural institution, a weekly tradition, a time to be with family and friends.

Catering services

Lucky for you, these two concepts live beside each other in perfect harmony. Thus whether you left bacon and eggs, or you need to dive into the Italian lifestyle and enjoy the unlimited choice of a buffet lunch with the help of catering services in Singapore. You can order from a tasty range of foods, including bagels, Croque madame, pancakes, scrambled eggs alongside teas and fruit juices. Your chosen treats will be served on dainty china in the restaurant’s cosy setting.

Tasty menu’s for brunch

  • Bruschetta could be a dish that starts with thick slices of crusty bread. It is grilled in a pan or toasted in the oven until it becomes golden brown, then topped with a variety of accompaniments. Traditionally, it is a combination of diced tomatoes, basil, vinegar and olive oil, which could create a delicious Italian brunch dish on its own.
  • A frittata is a kind of Italian omelette. A mixture of eggs, cheese, meat, vegetables are poured into a skillet and baked or grilled until the creation is firm and easily sliced into wedges. Frittatas can be created with a variety of ingredients, including pancetta, asparagus, tomatoes, roast red peppers, fresh basil, parmesan, cheese and fontina cheese. It is a great addition to an Italian brunch menu because they are simple to prepare and customise.
  • No Italian brunch would be complete without Bellinis. It is just a combination of about 2 tablespoons of pure fruit topped off with chilled sparkling white wine in a champagne flute. You can serve it premade in a pitcher or individual glasses, otherwise, you can set up a make your own bellini bar, complete with many different types of fruit pure. Various sensible varieties of fruits to pure for Bellinis include strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.








Are you craving for crunchy Dim sum?

 Dim Sum 300x201

Dim Sum 300×201

Many restaurants in Singapore only serve cuisine within the morning until mid-afternoon, before the change to a special dinner menu. This is often traditionally a meal that’s for the early birds with some establishments will serve dim sum throughout the day.  Dim Sum has always been a traditional comfort food in Singapore, owing to many early migrants bringing this wonderful cuisine to a little island from Hong Kong. Through the decades, Singapore has additionally evolved the dim sum culture to incorporate totally different designs like Shanghainese and Szechuan dishes, also as own local touch. Singaporeans love cuisines and it wants a research for taste and develop a comprehensive guide to the most effective dim sums in Singapore ever seen, due to the huge variety of individuals looking for good cuisine.

One of Singapore’s oldest and most successful road facet dim sum place, though it’s raised costs, the cuisine continues to be terribly cheap. The attractive factor is that they solely open at night that makes it a preferred spot for young, midnight supper goers. It’s scoured the complete island for the most effective cuisine in Singapore that is friendly to the pockets. Dim sum in Singapore is a type of Chinese cuisine (Cantonese) that is prepared in small, bite-sized parts and frequently served on tiny plates or steamer baskets. It often calls as “Chinese tapas” once introducing the idea of eating dim sum to foreign friends. In Singapore, the cuisine is served in several places, from casual Chinese chain restaurants to hawker stalls. While the quality, type, and value will differ by a huge margin, there’s no place for bad quality dim sum since it needs the freshest ingredients for preparation. dim sum preparation requires six basic stations or skills includes preparation, rice noodle rolls, steamed and filled with meats, steaming, deep preparation ,fillings, and dumpling making, wrapping the varied fillings in dough. In an ancient restaurant dim sum kitchen, chefs operate in teams and trainees only advance once mastering a specific function fully.

Late night dim sum restaurant:

One of the best things regarding Singapore is the fact that the city never really sleeps. No matter what time it is, there are always things to do, place to travel, and most significantly, things to eat. If you’re a student with late-night cravings, or simply yearning for some food after a busy day at work, or simply feeling hungry when an exciting night out, then here are twenty-four places open for 24 hours. Late Night Dim Sum Restaurant in Singapore is nearly translated to touch the heart, the cuisine may be a meal of small dishes served with tea comprised of a bunch of savory and sweet tastes from a variety of steamed and deep-fried buns, dumplings and rolls. It’s typically consumed throughout the day, most Chinese restaurants alone serve these daily dishes till late afternoon only some restaurants serve late night dim sum. The variety of cuisine is exhaustive baked barbecue tarts, steamed shrimp dumplings, salted egg yolk buns, fried radish cake.

The surplus of places that serve long into the night, however as high-level chefs continue to open more and more casual places, the quality of late-night food has solely improved. Fried chicken and Champagne play an excellent weekend brunch, yes, but the food here is excellent for any time of day. The late-night menu is additional limited however still offers the sort of fatty, hearty choices you’d expect, sort of a chicken-tenders basket, pimento cheese with crackers, and a crispy potato salad.